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Probing local function in organic solar cells

Jeffrey M. Mativetsky

Department of Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy
Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY, 13902

Organic semiconductors, which are made up of carbon-based molecules, are finding their way into consumer electronics such as smart phones and curved televisions. The next generation of organic electronics promises to be low-cost, mechanically-flexible, printable, and have broader functionality, for example, for energy harvesting. Organic solar cells comprising blends of organic semiconductors currently exhibit power conversion efficiencies as high as 11.5%. Further progress relies on better understanding the interplay between the intricate nanostructuring of the active layer and the resulting photovoltaic function. In this talk I will highlight our recent progress in using conductive atomic force microscopy as a local electrical probe for investigating the impact of nanoscale structure on charge transport in organic solar cells.

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