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Topology and Correlation in Quantum Materials

The 118th Topical Symposium of
The New York State Section of The American Physical Society

April 13-14, 2018

Strong electronic correlations, the influence one electron has on its neighbors, is closely tangled with the physics of emergence, where novel states of quantum matter come to existence out of quantum fluctuations. In the past decade, topology, the mathematics that distinguishes between oranges and donuts, became a new part of our fundamental characterization of condensed matter. Designing material systems, tailored by the effects of electronic correlations and topology, has profound potential for new fundamental physics and discoveries of exotic forms of new electronic phases. This New York State Section of the American Physical Society symposium, hosted by the Department of Physics at Binghamton University, is a meeting to bring together local experts in theory, computation and experiment on the two broad themes of "Correlations and Topology in quantum materials" with the goal of presenting a vision for where the field of quantum materials is heading in the next decade.

Prof. Allan H. MacDonald of the University of Texas at Austin will give a keynote address. Furthermore, experts in the field will present invited talks. Other meeting activities include poster sessions with contributions from undergraduate and graduate students. We especially encourage undergraduates to attend and submit posters of their work. Best Judged posters will receive cash awards.

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